Discover Sakura of Japan on
8th Avenue

Monday–Saturday: 11 AM–9 PM
Sunday: Closed

Situated on the bustling 8th Avenue in Midtown Manhattan, Sakura of Japan is a must for those seeking authentic Japanese teriyaki flavors. Come and experience “Japan in a Bowl” at our 8th Avenue location, where each dish is prepared freshly in our open kitchen, inviting you to indulge in a quick and delicious bite.

The Best Japanese Restaurant NYC Has to Offer

Amid New York City’s vibrant culinary backdrop, Sakura on 8th Avenue brings you the genuine flavors of Japan. We offer a fresh take on authentic teriyaki bowls by merging traditional methods with contemporary flair. Whether it’s your first visit or one of many, Sakura is the place to enjoy a pocket-friendly Japanese experience.

Try Our Japanese Teriyaki Bowls

At the core of our establishment is the celebrated Japanese teriyaki, a traditional cooking style that involves marinating select cuts of meat or seafood in our signature sauce, cooked to perfection. Our chefs serve up teriyaki bowls featuring chicken, shrimp, or steak, served over rice or lo mein noodles with steamed vegetables. You can also add a fried egg to any one of our bowls—a meal that is as balanced as it is delicious!

Chicken Teriyaki

Try our Chicken Teriyaki Bowl featuring juicy chicken, rich teriyaki sauce, fluffy rice or noodles, and crisp steamed veggies.

Steak Teriyaki

Enjoy our Steak Teriyaki Bowl where savory steak meets our teriyaki sauce, served over rice or noodles, and steamed veggies.

Shrimp Teriyaki

Enjoy a burst of flavors with our Shrimp Teriyaki Bowl, combining tasty shrimp, savory teriyaki sauce, rice or noodles, and freshly steamed vegetables.

Dining on the Best Teriyaki in Midtown NYC

In the lively heartbeat of Midtown NYC, Sakura is your go-to destination for teriyaki. Our Chicken Teriyaki bowls, among other dishes, have earned their reputation as a flavorsome, wallet-friendly meal. Try our Katsu bowl—a Japanese dish of crispy fried chicken, served with veggies over a bed of rice or noodles.

Conveniently Order Delivery and Pickup From Sakura

Sakura of Japan offers customers the convenience of both delivery and pickup options at our Midtown location. Enjoy New York’s best Japanese teriyaki in comfort, delivered right to your home or office. For those within a 2-mile circumference, we offer delivery completely free of charge!

Explore our menu online and place your order directly through our site, where a wide range of dishes await to fill every craving. Head to Sakura of Japan on 8th Avenue for your next taste of Japan, right in the vibrant core of NYC.


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